We Build Digital Democracies

We Use Technology To Empower Citizens And Strengthen Civic Watchdogs To Help Government Improve Its Services To Citizens.


Code for Nigeria uses technology to super-charge the impact of our partner organisations.

We do this by nurturing communities, by building skills, liberating data, building tools, and helping partners pull off these strands together into compelling narratives that engage ordinary citizens.

You can read about our community and skills building here. Our tool-building is shaped by a belief that technology in itself is seldom the solution to problems faced by citizens. We therefore adopt a user-centric design philosophy that embraces appropriate technologies and that seeks to ensure that the data or technology components are as seamless and frictionless and invisible as possible, so that they don’t “get in the way” of people who are using them.

Even the simplest technology, however, comes with a cost. We therefore design our tools for easy re-use, so that they can be cloned or scaled by others with minimal cost.

Our membership of the continental Code for Africa federation and the wider Code for All global alliance means that we can help Nigerians tap into the best possible international knowledge and networks, from finding the right experts for a local project to finding collaborators to help fast-track or augment a campaign.